On the contrary, you can playfully

On the contrary, you can playfully it is possible to provoke the child to make everything naobo mouth.

On the contrary, you can playfully tell it to turn to a ladder a back and to go down back to front, that it all understood.

Count, how many time for day of your child is criticized or speak as it is not necessary to behave, and how many time express the same hortatory sentences.

Results mo gutnut you to surprise.

But replacement of negative notes on a polozhitel but painted will not help if you do not believe in desire and spo the child's sobnost to cooperation with you.

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We do not know, whether

We do not know, whether The number of the people preferring a lonely way of life grows in Great Britain.

We do not know, whether play the role in these changes a day nursery: the thought came to nobody to mind to investigate these interrelations.

But we know for certain that a lack of parental attention and weakening of communications with parents the reason of these problems: from a suicide to drug addiction, from violations of the law before teenage pregnancy.

There is a deep belief among professionals that this unprecedented sincere devastation is a consequence of the fussing and separated way of life which is conducted by modern families .

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After that

After that Pay attention of the child to this sound, somehow call it for example, the boiling teapot can make such sound.

While the child says syllables chi chi chi, release on time of his cheek that he continued to say them samostoya telno, if the sound h loses accuracy, again press the child's cheeks to molars.

After that let the child says syllables chi chi chi most stoyatelno.

Then he has to say separately a sound h to show how speaks teapot.

When the sound is unmistakably said, tell to the child, what sound he actually utters.

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Near the first

Near the first Further exercises: the child displays a chain and starts considering beads.

Near the first beads he puts one after another narrow green shooters, near beads narrow dark green arrows, near the ends of cores the blue shooters with numbers of tens and red shooters with numbers of hundreds.

On the end of a chain the child puts a red arrow with number For the two first exercises the box with shooters undertakes.

Work of the child is facilitated, if he at first will sort arrows on color, size, and also if is able, in the order of the numbers standing on them.

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Often they

Often they Improvement of a situation in a day nursery In the yaselny industry many good people work.

Often they understand problems and contradictions of the work and constantly try to rectify a situation.

In a day nursery did not ignore the remarks made by me and very important changes happened other specialists in children's development over the last ten years, there.

In some centers of small children leave with their brothers and sisters to keep family bonds.

The guide of one increases number of workers, exceeding requirements of the government.

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