A dog is the best babysitter for the triplets…

Few of you know this, but dogs can be very smart friends. Today’s hero will prove to you that dogs can be more useful than some people. The name of today’s hero is Sunny.

Sunny lives with her owners and their triplets. Its uniqueness is that parents can safely leave Sunny with the triplets and be sure that he will take good care of them. Whenever the triplets are sleeping, Sunny comes to check if everything is okay?!

The dog goes around and checks on each baby, then looks at the owner,supposedly all is well and the kids don’t need anything. Sunny loves the triplets very much and is happy that she can do something to help them. Children are also happy when their friend comes to visit. Once, the hostess caught her on camera, and this video spread on the Internet.

Many netizens have flooded Sunny with sympathetic comments. “What a smart dog, parents, you can rest assured that your children are fine because they have such a protector! », « With such a protector, you can not worry about the children! “Commented netizens.