Have you ever seen a dog bigger than this one?

A three-year-old dog called Major is the biggest dog in our reality. When he stands on his hind legs, he measures more than two meters. Major weighs 75 pounds and sleeps on a mattress designed for an adult.

The dog practically grew up within the parameters of the previous record holder.

Recently, the largest was thought to be a large bird called Jupiter. Its height at the withers was 111 cm and its hind legs measured 2 m 23 cm.

When Major sits on the couch with his owners Brian and Julie Williams, he’s taller than them. Major is fed a special diet of mostly chicken and rice, and he also likes to sleep.

This is where they compete. At the moment Major has two competitors, also Great Danes and Roccos. It is therefore not yet known which of the three will be chosen as champion.

And he’s a fantastic dog with a big heart. And don’t think it’s enclosed between four walls,it has plenty of room to play and free access to run around outside.

He brings a lot of joy with him. He does not need much care and there are no problems with him. Major has plenty of room to run and walk, as Williams maintains a crane center.