After a usual walk in the forest the cat brought baby squirrels left without mother…

This cat loves to walk outside. Her travels are not limited to the yard near the house, she often goes to the forest located nearby.

Sometimes a cat is gone for only a few hours, and sometimes it goes away for several days. Over time, the owners got used to this state of affairs and began to calmly relate to the fact that the cat is not at home for several days in a row.

From the next walk, the cat did not return by itself. She had a squirrel in her teeth, and after a while she brought several more of his brothers and sisters into the house one by one.

The cat never had kittens, but despite medical manipulations, the maternal instinct did not disappear anywhere, it declared itself in full measure, as soon as the cat saw the babies, even if they were squirrel babies.

What happened to the mother of the kids is unknown, but if not for the cat, certain death would have awaited them. The cat proved to be a real mother, she surrounded her adopted children with care and affection.

The squirrels are still living in the house, the owners of the cat are looking after them, although they admit that they have not yet decided what they will do with the kids when they grow up.