A true story of animal love and care… How the cat saved the swan chick

This story is another proof that animals know how to love and compassion, and often in their feelings they are much more sincere than many people.

The elderly couple lived in a small village, their children left long ago, and the old people were left alone. The spouses were accompanied by a lively red cat named Paramon. The cat has been living in the family for 15 years and was a family favorite, as well as a constant companion of his grandfather while fishing.

On this day, Paramon was not in good health, so he was a little lethargic, but even this did not keep him in the house. The cat went to wander around the village and did not return for a long time, so the grandmother went in search of him. The cat didn’t show up that day or the next. Grandparents went every day in search of a pet, but they were unsuccessful.After several days of unsuccessful attempts to find Paramon, the family decided that the elderly cat had gone to die.

A few days later, when they heard meowing under the door, the old people were very surprised, but immediately rushed to open it. Not only Paramon was waiting on the threshold, but also a small chick with an injured wing.

The local sorcerer recognized the chick as a small swan and prepared a special ointment for its wing. The chick was placed in a box and cared for. Paramon often jumped into the box to the swan, but only to be with his new friend.

Paramon warmed the chick, and he clung to the warm and soft cat with pleasure. By spring, the swan had grown, it no longer fit in the box. The old people built a house for the bird from boards, put it on the lake and took the bird there.

It only took a couple of days and the swan came to visit, bringing his girlfriend with him. A little later, by the lake, an elderly couple noticed a nest, and soon they saw small chicks. The whole swan family often visited the old people to visit.

With the onset of cold weather, the swans flew south, Paramon was very upset that he would no longer see his friends, but in the spring the birds returned and continue to visit their village friends in the same way.