This abandoned dog has never been inside a house and has never been cared for and loved…

Throughout her life, a dog named Sundae, all she had known for a home was a cluttered, cluttered backyard, plus a cold garage to sleep and relax in. The dog was eventually rescued in Oklahoma City, USA, by the Country Roads Animal Rescue Society. The adorable baby girl gave birth to a litter of tiny puppies amid the terrible conditions she lived in.

This dog who has never been inside takes her first nap in a real bed.

After being rescued, Sundae found a loving foster home where she learned what it was really like to be cared for and loved. There was a very emotional moment that her mother would never forget.

As soon as Sundae lay down to rest in the comfort of her new bed, the expression of relief on her face was comforting,for the first time in a long time the sweet little dog knew she would be fine.

This female dog her first nap on a bed

Sundae’s adoptive mother, identified on Reddit as a muggle queen, wrote:

We’ve had her for about a week, and you’d never know she was never an indoor dog. She is perfectly clean, she is incredibly soft and she is very polished inside.

The sweet dog’s adoptive mother gave him his particular name because she thought it matched his softness and the color of his chocolate, vanilla and caramel fur on his face part.

At first, Sundae was quite shy and afraid of the male sex,but after his adoptive mother left a pair of her boyfriend’s shorts in Sundae’s favorite place, the dog started to get a little closer to him. .

The vet discovered that Sundae had heartworm disease and needed treatment for her teeth. In general, she is in good health. Her puppies have been taken in by different foster families, and now Sundae hopes to find a suitable family to love.

In his Facebook account, the public rescue center provides an update on his case.Now Sundae is affectionate and very spoiled; She always seeks hugs from her humans and likes to sleep as close to her mother’s bed as possible.

The woman tells The Dodo:

His perfect family should have a very laid back lifestyle and lots of patience to help him continue to come out of his shell and gain confidence. She will stay with me until her perfect forever family arrives!

She surely won’t have to wait long for someone to fall madly in love with her and make her part of their family, showering her with love and care for life.