The fireman rescued the little dog from the fire, but the family abandoned him…

The story of a dog named Jack is surprising and somewhat inexplicable. The fire department pulled Jack out of the fire, and the puppy was rescued. However, the family abandoned him. The reason for this was the injuries Jack received as a result of the fire. This Jack was not necessary to his owners.

It’s sad what’s going on in our world. Jack was still a baby. He did not even have time to feel what love, care and human warmth are. However, his fate has developed this way.

A few weeks later the puppy has been getting a little stronger and recovering, thanks to intensive care. He was feeling good. The only memory of his misfortune was the scars on his little body.

The firefighter who saved Jack learning that the dog had been abandoned couldn’t go on living a day. It was hard to believe that the creature he had saved from death was alone. The man decided to take the puppy home. Jack knew he was his savior. He and the man quickly became friends. The firefighter loved his new pet very much and became attached to him.

Time has passed. From a scared abandoned puppy, Jack has turned into a handsome and brave adult dog. The savior sometimes began to take him to work – in the fire station. This friendly and cute dog melted the hearts of all employees. Jack became the real mascot of the fire brigade. Eventually, he became a real fire dog.

The dog even took the official oath. With a loud bark he informed the whole city that he was ready to rescue all the victims during the fire. At the moment, Jack is taking a special course. They want to make him a therapist dog, because this dog is of different intelligence, friendliness, intelligence, he is perfect for the role.