8 weeks later the Family returned to their burnt house. Suddenly their dog began to dig the floor…

In March 2017, an American family lost their home in a fire. The house literally caught fire like a match! And all this happened so quickly that people did not even have time to come to their senses!

When the firefighters carried the dog out of the blazing building, the family members were overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude, but immediately asked the question: “Where is our Ringer?”.

It seems that their beloved cat was not so lucky… But don’t be upset, and although everything looks rather gloomy, this was not the end of the story!

When the family realized that the house had fled under furious fire, the cat had already disappeared somewhere in the flames.

“We looked everywhere for Ringer, we lifted all the furniture, examined the beds,looked in every corner and in every possible place,” says firefighter Ronald Wise.

But she was nowhere. The dog was taken out into the air almost immediately and given oxygen, as it inhaled too much smoke. Only 8 weeks later, the Marr family were able to visit the old house. When they arrived back in South Haven, Michigan, they had a real shock.

Chloe’s dog was the first to worry: she seemed to have broken loose, frantically sniffing and digging the ground,which seemed to still smell of burning. A minute or two … and suddenly a quiet cry of a cat was heard!

People managed to lure the animal out from under the floorboards with difficulty, and even then —only after they got food for him as bait. When the dark muzzle showed up, everyone was amazed, because it was their own Ringer!

She spent 2 months of her life under the floor and lost half her weight due to malnutrition… But it was her!

The owner of the animal, Christine Marr, said:

“This cat is amazing. She was here for two months without food or water.And Chloe just found her in that hole! We assume that she ate bugs, spiders and other things there.”

Take a look at this little miracle:

The will to live and real friends — sometimes this is enough to cope with even the most difficult obstacles!