A cute and funny reaction of the dog to a fur toy…

Big dogs seem fearless and capable of scaring anyone. They look so impressive that sometimes it’s even scary to stand next to them. But not everyone realizes that even a large dog can be frightened by itself. Moreover, sometimes completely innocent and safe things!

This funny story took place in Connecticut, USA. The woman was resting on the bed, and her pet was sitting next to her — a black Great Dane named Kruger. The dog has such dimensions that when he stands on his hind legs, he is taller than his mistress! But how could the girl know that in a minute her pet would give a reason for laughter?

In the hands of the heroine of the story was a toy. Outwardly, this is an ordinary goat with blue eyes, but only until you click on it. In a moment, the cute muzzle changes, and the toy turns into a terrible creature with frowning eyebrows and huge fangs sticking out of its mouth!

When the girl showed the toy to the dog, he was in indescribable horror! Calmly sitting on the bed, the dog suddenly jumped up, and incredible fear reflected on his face!

The hostess recorded this moment and showed it to social media users. People were delighted and, of course, laughed at the fact that a large dog was afraid of a small toy.

“Kruger, who weighs more than 60 kilograms, is shy like a cat!” — the girl signed the video.