A wedding photoshoot that no one will ever have again…

A wedding photo session is the moment when everything should be perfect, and the pictures should be as unusual and special as possible, because no one wants to be like everyone else. But sometimes it happens that the desire to do something unusual turns into a real failure.

This is exactly what happened to a couple who wanted to have a romantic photo shoot with mountains near the road in the background. Let’s just say: it turned out not what we wanted, but very unusual.

This photo session was conducted by photographer Askar Bumaga from Kazakhstan. The guys asked them to take pictures near a dirty road with mountains in the background. Yes, the idea is cool, definitely not like everyone else … What could go wrong?

And the fact that the groom did not hold the bride in his arms …

And the romantic photo shoot turned into wallowing in the mud. Yes… Apparently, not all the risks of this shooting were calculated.

Fortunately, the young decided not to be upset and entered the image.

No one will have such a photo shoot. And the couple will definitely not forget her!

We wish young people to always meet all problems with a smile like this!