The sweet moment of reunion after 2 months of separation… Both the girl and the cat were crying from happiness…

In Mexico, a family lost their cat named Tita. The 2 months of absence particularly left a great void in the life of the little girl. Until the day when her tears of sadness turned into cries of joy.

Animals are often considered full members of the family. They share our joys, our sorrows and make precious every little moment that life offers us. Representing much more than just “company”, our beloved furballs turn out to be protectors, friends, even siblings. The bond that unites them to the members of their household is sometimes so strong that a separation constitutes an extremely painful ordeal.

In Mexico, a little girl cried all the tears in her body when her furry friend, named Tita,disappeared. His parents adore the feline just as much, but the child has always had a special relationship with him.

Explosion of joy!

Tita gave no sign of life for 2 long months, much to the chagrin of her favorite little human. All hope seemed lost… Until the day the parents got wind of some good news, reports Daily Cats. The cat was reportedly seen in a school playground. Neither one nor two, the family climbed into their car and rushed to the spot.

The gate was closed, but that did not prevent the little girl and her 4-legged companion from finding each other. When she called out his name, Tita answered her with a meow and ran into her arms. The child literally exploded with joy:his treasure, his best friend, his soul mate was back in his life! The dad, driving the vehicle, also expressed his relief and happiness.