Mom-dog become a foster mother for a stray kitten and helped her to survive…

A woman from the USA helped her relative cope with home repairs. While working, the woman heard a squeak that was heard in the garden. Going towards the sound, she saw a kitten, so tiny that he did not even have time to open his eyes.

The woman decided to leave the kitten in place, she was sure that his mother was somewhere nearby and would soon appear to take care of him. Time passed, but the squeak did not subside,so the woman realized that the mother cat had not returned, and the kitten was suffering from hunger.

The woman took the kitten home. She already had a dog named Rocky, who had puppies a few days ago. The woman was afraid that Rocky would treat the kitten with distrust or even aggression, but the dog immediately accepted the baby.

While Rocky was feeding her puppies, she gazed at the kitten. As it turned out, the dog was already a foster mother for a small guinea pig and a rabbit, so this time she could not leave someone else’s baby in trouble.

For a kitten, Rocky became a foster mother, photos from their touching meeting make even the most callous souls feel emotional. For Rocky, being a mother is the main vocation, and she is excellent at this job.

In a couple of weeks, the puppies grew up, and the kitten grew up and got stronger with them. The kids live very friendly, spending most of their time in fun games. And the smallest one, the kitten gets the most time and attention from the dog mom.