Animals are babies best nannies…

From the moment the children appear in the house, pets begin to show increased attention to the kids and often become their real nannies and playmates. The best friend of a child can be both a dog and a cat. Sometimes the manifestations of such friendship look so cute and funny that you want to capture them, so that later you can show the photo to an already grown child.

The cat will warm and protect.

Babies even have the same sleep schedule.

When at first sight I realized that you would make friends.

If a cat joins the game, they become much more interesting.

The games of small children and kittens are very touching, you can watch them for hours. Let others not always understand such fun, but such interaction makes both children and animals happy.

The cat will support any game, but will not quit during homework.

Both babies need a short break after playing.

Even an adult cat can become a best friend, the main thing is that both the animal and the child enjoy playing together.

A big dog is the best protector and guard for a baby that has barely been born.

We watch cartoons together and ride on a swing.

The games are over for today, but tomorrow we will definitely come up with new joint pranks.

Any walk is more fun in the company of a dog.

There is no time to be bored when you are together.

The guard with whom the child feels completely safe.

True friendship from the first day we met.

When there are many dogs, and the baby is alone, they will gladly take him into their gang.

Even a parrot can be a good friend to a child.