“Do you like it, kitty?” — A question to a kitty, who is chewing pasta with a thoughtful look…

“Do you like it, kitty?” — I just want to ask a kitty, who is chewing pasta with a thoughtful look …

True, the owner of the animal got angry at first, and then … Oh, this is just an incredible story!

American photojournalist Margaret Middleton one day caught her cat doing an interesting thing — she calmly ate the pasta that the girl had prepared for her friend.

What was to be done? Scold the cat and take away food? But she had such a dramatic,thoughtful and at the same time formidable expression of her face that Margaret decided to scold the pet later. Postponing the educational moment, the girl took the camera and took a picture!

And it was not in vain that Margo made such a decision — the frame became viral in just a few days. The picture posted on Twitter has collected more than 170 thousand likes and retweets!

The cart has become such a popular lady on the Internet that her owner decided, just in case, to clarify that the cat usually behaves quite peacefully.