The dog knew that something bad has happened and saved everyone in the house

This situation happened in Stockton: a city from the state of California. In the early June morning, a fire broke out in one of the houses.

The tenants slept because it was a holiday. But the dog from one apartment – a pit bull, whose name was Sasha – did not sleep. She knew immediately that something bad had happened.

The dog, sleeping in the yard, immediately jumped up and began scratching the doors of his apartment, trying to wake up the owners.

And she managed to achieve what she wanted: Nana stood up and let the dog inside. Sasha began to run near the feet of the hostess with a loud bark.

Nana says that her pet was behaving very unusually and strangely. But then smoke became noticeable, which made its way from under the door of the neighbors’ apartment.

Nana ran to her little daughter’s room, barely seven months old, to rescue her. But Sasha got there first.

The dog pulled the girl out of the room, clutching her diaper with her teeth, which greatly frightened and amazed Nana. The woman could not believe that all this was really happening.

Nana, her daughter and Sasha successfully left the building. By that time, firefighters had already arrived at the house, and the fire could be seen with the naked eye. Rescuers were able to put out the fire and save the house, but several apartments – including the one in which Nana lived – burned to the ground. You can no longer live in such a place.

The family temporarily moved in with relatives. Nana talked to reporters and told them how much she was touched by her dog’s act, her courage. The woman is convinced that now people can say for sure: pit bulls are capable of a lot, they are wonderful brave pets, despite the fact that there are many unpleasant stereotypes about this breed.

– If Sasha had not come to the rescue of me and my daughter, who knows what would have happened. Most likely,I would not have woken up on my own. We could have just died in that fire.

Nana usually didn’t leave Sasha to sleep in the yard. But this time, things turned out differently. The woman explains this with some premonition. After all, if Nana had slept in the apartment, as most often happens, she would not have been able to detect a fire with her neighbors with such speed.

Why the fire broke out has yet to be determined. Investigation in progress.