Cats know how to be grateful to people who turn to them…

A stray cat who recently gave birth trusted the man who fed her for several weeks so much that she decided to introduce her to her babies. She even brought them to her home, knowing that they would be safe there.

Cats know how to be grateful to people who turn to them. They express their gratitude in their own way, like a street cat to a woman who shared her touching story on Reddit.

She systematically gave her food and water, but not only.“I showed her how to get into my room through the window,” she says.

Then one day the cat decided to bring her four newborn kittens.

Six cats under one roof

As her friend had taught her, she led them one by one into the house through the same window. A video recorded with a camera placed on the edge of the latter immortalized the scene. We only see one of the kittens, but the other three have gone the same way.

In the comment, the woman explained that her family continues to take care of the cat, whom she named Mia and gave her a necklace with her name, and her children. She added that in the meantime she had adopted another cat. Thus, in total six cats receive the kindness and goodwill of a kind person and her family.