No doubt that dogs are humans’ most loyal friends, this dog waiting for his human father to return from the hospital took the loyalty to another level

A beautiful, faithful dog shows all her great love for her human father when she decides to wait by the door until he returns from the hospital.

There’s no doubt that dogs are humans’ most loyal friends, but the story of this dog waiting for his human father to return from the hospital took his loyalty to another level.

It all started when Katie Snyder took her dog, named Leia, to live with her dad for a while in April. It was only meant to be temporary, as the idea was for Leia to spend time vacationing at her human grandparents’ house.

A faithful dog waits at the door for his father to return from the hospital.

A faithful dog awaits the return of her father from the hospital

Leia loves spending time with Katie’s parents, she just wants them for herself, so this was her perfect idea to relax for a while. In addition, she likes calm and, in this way, she could rest a little from her family, two of her dog brothers who are a little restless, it was her perfect plan.

Leia is not just any pet; she has a unique way of expressing her affection and she always finds a way to convey her feelings.

Katie said:

Leia is not your typical cuddly dog; she is very independent and laid back.Leia loves all of her humans in her own way. She’s either lying next to you during movie night or sitting outside the bathroom door, waiting for you to finish.

This union was obvious to all when the complicity of this duo was put to the test by a difficult and difficult situation that was experienced at home, where Leia showed her feelings.

As Katie’s parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, the old man suffered health problems, he unfortunately suffers from cancer and had to be hospitalized.

Katie’s mother accompanied her husband to hospital, but had to return home due to strict mandatory isolation measures, due to Covid-19. When Katie’s mother came home alone, it was clear she wasn’t the only one in distress, as Leia was at the door waiting anxiously.

The startling thing is that she was standing by the front door with her head bowed, patiently waiting for her father to return.

The heartwarming scene shocked Katie’s mother, who immediately decided to snap a photo of the heartbroken dog and text it to Katie.

Katie said:

When she sent me this photo, I immediately burst into tears. She absolutely killed me. I could see how much [Leia] really loved my dad and missed him.

The next day, when Katie’s father was back home, he and Leia were happy to be together. Without a doubt, it showed the great affection they had for each other and that their bond was very special.

After seeing how much her father’s absence affected Leia, Katie decided to arrange everything so that she would stay with him permanently.

Katie said:

When it comes to loyalty, she is the true definition of a dog.

Now at home there are already two daughters watching over dad’s health, and surely he is happy with the care received.