The cat was very old and would simply die in a couple of weeks. This was just an excuse not to save the pet…

Local residents say that the cat appeared in their porch a month ago. The cat is thin and dirty, perhaps because of his unattractive appearance, none of the locals wanted to help him.

Even the residents of the entrance were convinced that the cat was very old and would simply die in a couple of weeks. In general, it is customary for us to throw the old and sick out into the street to die, so the fact that a diaper was laid on the cat was good news.

I saw a photo of a cat in a group where they are looking for lost animals. As soon as I looked at the animal, I realized that I simply had to save it. At that time, I paid for the treatment of 6 cats who were in the hospital and understood that it would be extremely difficult to find money for another old man.

At the same time, one glance at the exhausted animal was enough to understand that money is not the main thing,the main thing is to at least try to save the cat, which with all its appearance is begging for help.

In the car, I always carry treats for adult cats, but lately my supplies have run out, so I didn’t have any treats with me. Since I spend a lot of time driving, I often eat in the car. I had a piece of pizza crust left over from lunch. The cat smelled it in the bag and ate it with such pleasure, as if it were a real delicacy.

I looked at the cat chewing dry bark with surprise and shame at the same time,because it is so hard to accept that people can be so cruel as to bring the animal to such hunger.

The lack of weight was not the only problem for Bread, he was also dehydrated and exhausted. The cat could not find enough strength even to just meow.

The veterinarian immediately put on a drip, then took tests that showed an inflammatory process. Now the cat will have a course of antibiotics, as well as treatment of the intestines and liver, in which changes have been found.

Outwardly, the cat seems old, but in fact he is quite young. Life on the street did not pass without a trace and affected both health and appearance, making him visually much older than his age.

Khlebushka has an absolutely dead look, I have never seen this before. Usually, even sad animals,after a few days of care and satiety, begin to look at people with hope and optimism. Khlebushka’s eyes are also dull, detached. It seems that the cat has already accepted his inevitable death and decided not to try to change anything.He cannot trust people again and hope that he has a future.

Khlebushka will be put on drips for five days, then he will be intensively fed, and when his condition improves, he will be castrated.