A stray cat, who in search of food climbed up the wall of a garbage can, got stucked in one of the holes of a trash can

Thanks to the factory workers who found him and freed him, a stray cat with his head stuck in a trash can can now dream of a better life. After his rescue, he was taken in by the association, which is now looking for a loving family for him.

Apparently, in search of food, a stray cat climbed up the wall of a garbage can at a factory located near Crossfield in Alberta (Western Canada). At the same time, he got his head stuck in one of the holes used to lift the container, according to Alberta Prime Times.

Luckily, 3 employees noticed this and immediately took action. They first tried to get the cat’s head out of the hole by smearing it with dish soap and olive oil, but to no avail.

The cat didn’t make it easy for them; horrified, he tried to attack the trio who had come to his aid. “He never gave up, he fought us all the time, we had gloves, but he scratched and bit us,” said Colin Nielson, one of his rescuers.

They then used a torch to try and cut the metal. However, despite the blankets they had placed over his head for protection, they knew he was at risk of being burned. Instead, they decided to use a hacksaw. This allowed them to gain easier access to the cat’s head and then finally pull it out.

After releasing the animal, they took it to a local shelter owned by the association Tails To Tell. The volunteers who looked after him thought he had very little contact with people in the past, hence his attitude.

The cat, named Boggle, was being treated for minor neck and nose injuries. He was also treated for ear mites. Soon he was given to a foster family.

Colin Nielson was pleasantly surprised to learn that Boggle was affectionate, playful and friendly towards his new surroundings. According to Emily Tweten, his adoptive mother, the animal’s behavior improved significantly. He is still a little shy around people, but is becoming more confident.