The appearance of this cat is a mystery to be solved…

There are so many distinctive and special house cats. These gentle companions can carry the finest features of their appearance. For example, some species have different colored eyes or very unique fur colors.

This cat has so many characteristics on it. Meet Thor, a Bengal cat who has stolen the hearts of thousands. This beautiful girl has a very peculiar appearance.

She appears to be a hybrid between a tiger and a cat. The reason for thinking so is in the wiggles and crosses on his fur. That’s not all, the wonderful Bengal cat also has captivating emerald green eyes. With these eyes, she does not look towards you but towards your soul. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the cat.

Thor has loving owners who share his everyday photos on Instagram and Facebook. The incredible cat has around 223,000 followers on her Instagram account. Thor is a special cat but his behavior does not differ from the attitude of other cats. She is sociable and playful. Thor loves splashing water and long walks.

We are delighted that this cat is enjoying his life to the fullest. Her caring human parents provide the animal with everything she needs and everything that will make her life comfortable. This wonderful creature is worthy of the best.She is just too beautiful and luxurious.