When mothers genes are much more stronger… A very rare but amazing beauty…

Our today’s heroine was born in western Nigeria. When they first saw their daughter, the parents were scared because their dark- skinned child was born with bright blue eyes, which was very rare. But, fortunately, the child was in perfect health.

Due to her unusual appearance, Risikat was in the spotlight from an early age.And, of course, she had a lot of fans. However, the girl chose a guy named Abdul Oma-Dada. At 22, she married him. The couple really wanted children, but Risikat could not get pregnant for a long time. Therefore, the news of weight gain delighted all close to the couple.

The happy mother hoped that the future offspring would have the same color of eyes. When the first daughter was born, they looked at her with enthusiasm, and indeed the peculiarity of the mother was transferred to the baby.

But there were also minuses: Abdul really did not like the increased attention from neighbors and acquaintances, and he tried to protect the girl from prying eyes. True, he did not really succeed, and the beauty became a local celebrity, like his mother at one time.

Soon the couple decided to have a second child. However, this time they preferred normal eye color to the baby. But the mother’s genes were stronger. In order not to make noise,the father of the family has decided not to advertise this fact. The girl was not even shown to her relatives until she was five months old.

The parents adored their daughters, but raising two children was not an easy task. Especially in terms of money, which the family lacked.

But it all worked out. A local photographer captured blue-eyed beauty Risikat and her lovely daughters.

These images spread very quickly on the web, making them famous overnight.