In the days of progressing fashion let’s have a look at some feminine and elegant images from the 50s…

Incredible and mysterious black and white photographs of the mid-twentieth century,which are sometimes published on the pages of fashionable, glossy magazines, always attract our attention. Thanks to them, we can have a little idea of the culture and art of that time.

It was the 50s that became the era of femininity, sophisticated outfits and expensive and high-quality materials. Then, in the middle of the twentieth century, a woman could afford to look beautiful and feel the same way.

At that time, the girls became actively interested in fashion. They followed the release of new collections, current trends, massively bought up all fashion magazines. In which one could find not only a description of the outfits, but also such subtleties as the combination of the outfit with perfume, jewelry, furnishings and even the girl’s demeanor.

The most feminine and elegant style in the history of fashion was cultivated by Christian Dior, who proposed the new look style, which was able to turn everyone into a romantic and tender princess.

Thanks to Dior, women are back in corsets and full skirts. Shoes also became more feminine:in general, pointed pumps or mules were preferred. All three styles on which the new look style was based (oval silhouette, A-line and H-line) looked elegant and expensive, and, of course, emphasized the elegance of the figure.

The emphasis of the image was clearly shifted to accessories: miniature handbags, gloves, belts, scarves and hats. A special role was given to jewelry: a string of pearls, large earrings with stones,clip-on earrings and massive necklaces, emphasizing a graceful neck.

Simultaneously with the doll dresses from Dior, there was a more practical style, represented by elegant things from Chanel. At 71, the incomparable Coco made a triumphant return to the fashion industry with a collection of cropped jackets and tight skirts.

Cristobal Balenciaga also offered a practical and more comfortable style to the ladies. His things did not require corsets and special underwear for body shaping, so they were also comfortable.