The dog fought for her life and overcome a serious illness thanks to Faith…

This is what Verochka looked like when she was brought in for treatment.She was delivered to the Yevpatoriya Animal Care Fund “From Heart to Heart”.

The fact that the baby survived on the street can be considered real luck.

It turned out that Vera suffered from papillomatosis.The dog was diagnosed with affected areas of the mouth, both outside and inside.

Such a problem interfered with the full consumption of food. In addition, Verochka had papillomas on other parts of her body.

Verochka is an incredibly kind and open-hearted dog. She was very obedient, implicitly followed instructions, did not resist treatment. Experts thought they would save the dog, so they named her Vera. No one expected the treatment to pass quickly. It took at least a month for the improvement to appear.

However, after a week there was a noticeable improvement. The papillomas decreased in size and became less visible. The dog fought for life, he firmly grabbed it with his tenacious paws.

The doctors were incredibly surprised at Vera’s behavior. She was very patient and obedient during the procedures. After 1.5 months, the doctors rejoiced – Vera was on the mend.

Of course, a full recovery has yet to come. Time must pass. Vera is waiting for a long therapy, numerous tests and supportive procedures.

Now he is already a cheerful, joyful and happy dog. For complete happiness, it remains to find loving owners for Vera. We are sure that we will cope with this task.

Such a wonderful dog certainly deserves happiness.

The story with Verochka will have a happy ending, there is no doubt!

After all, such a feeling as faith is the very thing that every person on the planet absolutely needs.