A Scottish photographer revealed a true beauty of redheads all around the world

According to unofficial data, only 2% of people around the world can boast of red hair. But, a Scottish photographer named Kieran Dodds is sure that their uniqueness lies not only in their hair.

For more than 7 years, the photographer has been working on a project in which he searched for and photographed redheads around the world. By the way, it is Scotland that is considered the haven of all the red-haired, and this influenced the fact that Kieran took up such a study.

Yes, this is a study, because the photographer is sure that the peculiarity of these people is not only the color of their hair, they have a special energy.

Kiran collected all his pictures in a single collection and published on his page in social networks, so that everyone could enjoy and feel the peculiarity and uniqueness of these people.

I would like to note that despite the fact that all models are different, but it seems that there is a certain connection between them, they definitely have something in common, and this is not only hair color.

By the way, Kieran is also a redhead. And he looked for his models everywhere: from Russia to Jamaica, Cuba and even China!

Kieran also concluded that being red is best when you are a child, but the worst is when you are at school. After all, people with fiery hair color always attract a lot of attention, and just give classmates a reason to joke!

How do you feel about redheads?