The last meeting of a rescued lion with the woman who saved him…

Meet Jupiter, a popular Colombian lion who rose to fame while staying at Refúgio Villa Lorena.Villa Lorena is one of the best animal shelters in the world.

Ana Julia Torres takes care of four lions, nine Bengal tigers, a jaguar, a puma, a crocodile, a tiger bear and an ostrich.

There is also a chimpanzee named Joko, a stapler monkey and hundreds of colorful birds. They all have one thing in common: they have been very badly treated in the past. Some animals are blind, others have severe fractures and some are missing limbs. He has two children, but he treats all the animals in the shelter as if they were his own children.

There are around 800 animals at the shelter, but Jupiter the lioness was her favourite. She saved Jupiter from a circus where he was often abused and had his claws removed. Jupiter has understandably lost its trust in humans and even developed a fear of human contact.

When Anna Julia took him in, that phobia completely disappeared. Jupiter was later removed by Anna Julia, who said she had no documents for breeding a lion. Unfortunately, Jupiter quickly lost weight and became very ill at the zoo.