A geep — the combination of a goat and a sheep shocked the owners of the zoo and its visitors

It often happens that two different animals mate and produce a hybrid. One of the most popular in recent years is the liger a combination of tiger and lion. Although not recommended, it can occur naturally.

In 2014, a sheep named Mama mated with an adorable goat named Michael. Although sheep and goats are not that different from each other, they generally do not mate. Both belonged to the Scottsdale Zoo in Arizona.

Mom gave birth to a rare baby girl with a jeep, named Butterfly. The combination of a goat and a sheep, a geep, shocked the owners of the zoo.

Since they didn’t have a sheep, they didn’t even realize the mother was pregnant.

This little beauty has the legs and face of a goat, but the lovely soft wool of a sheep.

As far as we know, Butterfly is the only cape in the world.We cannot do without her kindness and we hope she will have a long and happy life.