After the death of the owner the cat hadn’t eaten anything for almost a week…

An old woman died in one of the multi-story buildings. Of the property, my grandmother only had a living space and a cat. Also, the old woman had grandchildren who wanted an apartment, but not a cat.

Therefore, the parents decided to take the animal to another grandmother, who fed all the cats in the area.

This grandmother was very happy, of course, because she is paid ten times the pension, and in the pet stores they distribute free cat food (a moment of sarcasm).

Typically, they’d bring that cat to grandma, confront it with a fact, and walk away. And the cat is so skinny the bones are showing, he looks like a concentration camp prisoner. Light as a feather, but her eyes are sad and tired. Dadi tried in various ways to find an approach for her, but the attempts failed.

When the cat hadn’t eaten anything for almost a week, grandma brought it to us and said: Help this poor man.

If you can’t help him, then just end his suffering. We don’t even know who is more sorry in this story: the former owner of the cat, the unfortunate animal, or this old woman, whose permission was not even asked.

It’s hard for everyone, including us. We have forty cats, all want to eat, need care.However, we cannot remain indifferent to the fate of any animal. Where forty cats fit, there would be one more.

As the saying goes “cramped, but not offended”. In addition, our subscribers always help us,for which we are very grateful to them. Although the cat is old, with health problems, it is a living being, which means that it is worthy of love and care. So we got a new student – Chernulya.

The cat is in critical condition. The results of the analyzes leave much to be desired. The CRF has not been confirmed, so there is a chance of success. We hope that the analysis of the HVI will be satisfactory. The main thing is that the moral state of the cat is normal, this is very important for successful treatment.

She recently lost her mistress, so it’s unclear how she will cope with the loss. She will not only need treatment and a rehabilitation course, but also care.