The dog with the most impressive size, who even gets into The Guinness Book Of Records…

On March 22, 2022, Guinness World Records announced that Zeus, the magnificent Great Dane, officially holds the record for the tallest living dog in the world. A surprise for his owners, who still consider him a puppy.

Zeus is a two-year-old Great Dane who lives with his family in Bedford, Texas, USA. Brittany Davis, his mistress, has been in heaven ever since Zeus came into the family. She didn’t expect her pet to make it into the 2022 Guinness World Records.

When Zeus arrived in Davis, he was only 8 weeks old. An adorable puppy who admittedly had «huge paws,» Brittany told People. The puppy immediately conquered the whole family: “Zeus completely changed our lives, he brings us so much joy. He is such a loving dog,” she says.

When he grew up, Zeus got big enough to use the kitchen sink as a water bowl.

Passers-by are amazed and delighted when they meet him during their walks. Therefore, Brittany asked about the breed standards. On average, a Great Dane (or Great Dane) has a height of 75 to 85 cm. Zeus reached 104.59 cm, standing on all fours.

Therefore, Brittany had the idea to take part in the competition. Thus,he became the owner of the title of the largest living male on earth in the famous Guinness Book of Records 2022.

Almost 105 cm of tenderness

Despite his impressive size, Zeus is a rather docile dog, although a little stubborn: “He doesn’t do anything if he doesn’t want to,” confirms Brittany. His sociable and playful nature delights his son Brittany, with whom he is inseparable, as well as other pets: three miniature Australian Shepherds and a cat.

The Davis family is proud of Zeus and the record he achieved, which Brittany says «recognizes how special her dog really is.»