Different races, but still twins… The sisters have amazed the whole world…

Maria and Lucy are twins, but many people can’t believe it. The thing is that girls belong to different races. People often take them for friends.

Unique twins from the UK became famous thanks to a unique phenomenon – they are of different races.

The girls were born in 1997, their father was European, and their mother was half Jamaican. At first, the girls experienced and proved their relationship, they even showed birth certificates.

“No one ever believes that we are twins because I am white and Maria is black. Even when we are dressed the same, we still don’t even look like ordinary sisters, not like twins, ”explains Lucy.

Their mother, Donna Douglas, recalls that she herself could not believe it. She brought completely different girls.

The sisters are different in appearance and even their characters are completely dissimilar.

Red-haired Lucy studies art and design at Gloucester College. Maria studies psychology and law at Cheltenham College. In this amazing family, all the kids have different skin tones!

Douglas family

“All of our older brothers and sisters have a skin color somewhere between me and Lucy. That is, we are located at the edges of the color spectrum, and they are somewhere between us, ”said Lucy.

The girls are even glad that they are completely different. They take pride in their uniqueness.