The Ukrainian cat, who escaped the war, reunited with it’s family in the United States

This cat has come a very long way to find his family, from whom he was separated by the war in Ukraine.

Cat Peach is back in the arms of his family. Separated from his people by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the cat can now sleep peacefully.

Safety in USA

It all started in February, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Larissa Frisbee then travels to the United States to visit family in Arkansas. She entrusted her cat Peach to her cousin, who lives in Odessa, so that he would not be alone and receive all the love he needed.

As the conflict flares up, the latter initially keeps the cat safe before deciding to let him leave the territory with a friend, heading to Poland.

Larisa Frisby then contacted Humane Society International (HSI), an animal welfare organization in Poland, Romania, Germany, and Italy that helps Ukrainian refugees with pets.

A great story that shows the extent of mutual assistance established with the start of the war in Ukraine. Car Peach is the only pet that was able to use such help to save his life and find his owners.