Floyd and Loki are the joy of the Nursing Home…

When Floyd and Loki step into the hallways of Redwall Nursing Home, a nursing home located in Cheshire, England, the sun appears to enter the premises in person.

We hear bursts of laughter outside the walls of the Redwalls Nursing Home and feel a surge of joy when we open the door. The source of this happiness are 2 dogs named Floyd and Loki. The dogs are accompanied by their owner, Jody Soleiman, who organizes activities and fun activities at the establishment.

Since the first visit of Floyd, a Japanese Spitz with a heart as soft as his flawless fur, proved to be very successful, the facilitator decided to take his four-legged companions on a regular basis. Now seniors often hang out with their favorite friends, a 7-year-old Pomeranian and his friend, a 10-month-old Leonberger.

“The dog therapy therapy has changed lives in our nursing home,” the 25-year-old woman explained,“it has been very beneficial for the residents. »

«Laughter is the best medicine»

Floyd and Loki significantly improve the mood of the elderly, as well as bring them comfort,reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety.Even bedridden residents benefit from their beneficial presence and feel real happiness in their community. «Laughter is the best medicine!» Jody exclaimed.

Redwalls nursing home staff started posting videos on TikTok in 2021. Internet users enjoy following the adventures of the two dogs and generally feel that this initiative is great for the morale of our seniors. “The joy on the faces of the residents is very high,” one user commented; “So comforting and helpful,” said another.

Seeing such smiling and happy old people in the paws of Spitz and Leonberger warms the soul. Precious moments that once again prove to us that a dog is undoubtedly man’s best friend!