How to give cats second chance for better life…

Every year, thousands of cats are abandoned in France. By opting for a refuge in your choice to adopt a feline, you are doing a gesture of great kindness. You save the life of a cat who will have the opportunity to find a new family. Above all, you are going to meet an animal that is very likely to have been disappointed by its first experience.

Many kittens and cats are waiting to be given a chance in shelters. Adopting one of them is the promise of a wonderful experience, in addition to being a real rescue for him. How to adopt a cat from a shelter?What aspects of the question should we focus on? Our advice for a successful adoption.

In France, there are a plethora of associations that allow you to adopt a cat. The best known is undoubtedly the SPA, which has around sixty shelters in the country and which offers 45,000 animals for adoption each year. As she writes in black on white, “adopting an animal is a serious and responsible approach”. Like any responsible person, you will have informed yourself beforehand in order to facilitate the process.

These are quite simple. To adopt a cat, you must provide an identity document and proof of address less than 3 months old. In addition to this, you will be asked for an adoption contribution for a feline. It is 150 € for a cat. A sum that corresponds to the identification, vaccination and sterilization of the animal.

If you are looking for associations or shelters near you to adopt a cat for free, Woopets lists many announcements of cats available for adoption. Indeed, Woopets has set up an Adoption service to allow you to find your possible future companion online and thus help these structures to find adopters.

Choosing the right cat

The associations, and in particular the SPA, ensure that the union between one of his cats and his future master is final. A future abandonment would be experienced as a failure, and is not in any case by the philosophy of these associations.In fact, she will do everything to facilitate the relationship between the person wishing to adopt a cat, and the latter.

A cat cannot be bought on a whim, and especially not in a single visit. Have you set your sights on a feline? Very well. The first contact seems essential. A second or even a third is essential. You must come back a few days after the first meeting, see the reaction of the cat in question. You have to take the time. Don’t forget that you have several years to live together and that a good relationship is very important.

Carefully analyze his past

Before being in a shelter, a cat often has an inglorious past. He may have been abandoned, mistreated, experienced emotional traumas that have forged his character, made him more fearful, more fearful, sometimes perhaps more aggressive. His future family will have to help him regain confidence in human beings, regain confidence in himself. Patience is essential when dealing with such a cat.

Associations do not hesitate to group together all the information on a feline in a file, accessible to all those who wish to adopt them. Everything you need to know is written in black on white, which avoids any unpleasant surprises.Once again, these associations are not intended to give a cat at all costs to a master who cannot suit him. There is therefore no reason to “oversell” the animal.

Take the time to get to know him

As seen above, your cat from a shelter may be fearful of finding a family and a human presence.You will have to reassure him, put him in the best possible mood. Its environment must be conducive to its development, well-being and fulfilment. This process could take some time. You will have to show extreme patience to become your feline’s best friend. Do not hesitate to speak to him gently, calmly.

There is no miracle recipe since each cat acts differently according to its character, its past.Yours may very well be asking for cuddles, as it can remain hidden for a good part of the day. You will have to adapt and above all not give up and bring him back to the shelter.

Adopting a cat from a shelter, many advantages

As a future owner, you will have a lot of knowledge about the cat in question, especially if it is an adult. Indeed, you will know the character of your future feline even before having him at your home, you will know what he likes, what he does not like. You will get an overview of his health. Is he of rather solid or fragile constitution? You can therefore anticipate possible health expenses.

The advantage is above all that your feline will find a place to flourish and have a second chance in life. Isn’t that the most important?

In summary

Adopting a cat from a shelter is not very complicated. It’s all about knowing your degree of motivation. Doing so should not be done on a whim. Your future cat has a past, may have experienced abuse, and you will need to be patient. In any case, several steps are mandatory before adoption. A single visit is not enough. The terms are extremely simple.