Just a kind move after which everyone was crying…

A few months ago, an unusual story took place in New Jersey, which instantly spread across the Internet, leaving no one indifferent … She was told by a student girl named Eva. This event made her completely reconsider her views on life.

As Eva said, that day she and her girlfriends decided to take a walk around the mall. The girls went shopping, took pictures, made plans for the weekend. Then the girlfriends decided to go to a pizzeria for a bite to eat. On their way they saw a slot machine with toys. Throwing a couple of coins and playing several times, the students even managed to win. It was a soft toy.

A little boy with his father was just passing by, and Eva without hesitation handed the toy to the child, to which he replied “thank you”. And it seemed to be the usual answer of a polite boy, but the father, without restraining his emotions, began to cry … And when he told them his story, his girlfriends were already crying.

The fact is that the boy has a developmental delay from early childhood, and a year ago he completely stopped talking due to a strong fright.

Parents did everything: they went to various clinics, worked with specialists, went to special schools, but there was no result.

After this incident, the boy began to recover, he quietly began to talk with his parents.And Eve could no longer be the same. And who would have thought that such a simple selfless act would lead to such an amazing result.