After a long separation of 5 years, the dog named Ginger was reunited with his family…

Barney and his family are relieved.A man and his dog had a touching encounter at a shelter 5 years after the dog disappeared. She was probably stolen before the police found her as she roamed the streets.

Her family was given back a dog that had been looking for her for 5 long years, WKYT reported on Thursday, May 12.

We are talking about a female pit bull named Ginger. Her owners, who live in Beloit,Wisconsin, have not heard from the animal since 2017. They think it was stolen from them.

They never stopped looking for her, but knew only disappointment and false hopes. Ginger was desperately nowhere to be seen.

Still hoping for his return, his owner Barney has seen his family grow. Their child grew up and another was born. They also took other dogs.

The situation changed on May 1, when Beloit police shared a post about a stray dog on social media. Police posted a photo of him sitting in the back seat of a police car and urged witnesses to try to find the owners.

«The excitement on the faces of the family and Ginger was unforgettable»

A few days later, when she was admitted to the Southern Wisconsin Humane Society shelter, Barney contacted the association because he thought he recognized his dog in the photo in question.

This week he went to the shelter to make sure it was Ginger, and it was. «The excitement on the family’s faces, and also on Ginger’s face when they were finally reunited, was more than unforgettable,» the Southern Wisconsin Humane Society says on its Facebook page.

Ginger and her owner let their joy explode. In this way, Ginger was able to rediscover her home and her family, which now has new members.