This dog has congenital dwarfism, but still lives a completely ordinary life and is loved by everyone…

Mikigus is not just a German Shepherd, but a Shepherd Dog. He is the smallest of the entire litter and has the hardest time of all due to this physical deficiency. The dog has congenital dwarfism – achondroplasia.

Today we will tell you about a dog that, despite everything,lives a completely ordinary life, and all thanks to caring owners and their parents – thoroughbred German shepherds.

In a family from the American city of Clarksville, they simply adore pets, German shepherds Spartak and Temperance live in their house, they are the parents of Mikigus, who was born with dwarfism.

At first, the baby did not differ in any way from his brothers and sisters, but in a month and a half it already became clear that the baby’s paws did not grow.

As the hostess says: “After four months, all our fears were confirmed: Mikigusa suffered from congenital dwarfism with many side effects. The whole life of the dog will now be reduced to a constant struggle with the consequences of deformation of the bones in the paws.

When the puppy was six months old, he suddenly stopped walking.

But the owners did not leave him in trouble, they carried him in their arms for a walk, and bought a special stroller. Even his parents always tried to be around and entertain him. Often his paws hurt, to alleviate the condition, ice cubes were applied to them, however, Mikigus played with them all the time as if they were toys.

His mother was always there, she did not expect her baby to immediately start running after her, she even came up with games so that he would not have to get up. For example, once she brought a toy, which they rolled with their faces to each other.

“Despite the difficulties with movement, the puppy is always joyful and loves to play. We constantly took him outside and supported him during walks with a special stroller. But he is so stubborn that, in the end,he began to walk on his own again, ”says the hostess.

He is a very cheerful dog and never lose heart, now he has become close to the owner’s daughter.

The girl says: “For me, Mikigus is both a brother, and a best friend, and a kind dog. He is a member of our family. He thinks that he is like all dogs and short legs are not a hindrance to him. I love him because he loves to play with me. The dog is a great fellow that does not give up and lives a full life.

The hostess sincerely believes: “The fact that Mikigus is the best animal in their house, because thanks to him, daughters learn that love has no boundaries and differences. Everyone in this world deserves to be happy!”