The volunteer asked for help for the homeless dog and after disappeared without any trace…

I was approached by a volunteer from the Course, asking for help with paying for treatment for a homeless dog she helps. The dog either crossed the road unsuccessfully, or faced other troubles. They only asked me for financial assistance, and Ulyana promised that she would take care of finding a clinic,and of overexposure for Leshenka after treatment and finding a new home for him.

I paid the bills from the vet, which were quite substantial and trusted that the girl kept her word and took care of the animal. A couple of days later, I got a call from the clinic. It turned out that no one visited Lesha, he has neither food nor bedding, so the animal just sleeps on the floor.

I bought a mattress and food for a few days, took them to the clinic. The dog was very happy with the gifts, and I left, keeping the hope that the girl would fulfill her promise and appear soon.

When it was time to pick up the dog from the hospital, I called Ulyana, and she assured me that she would definitely come for Lesha.

On the day of discharge, no one showed up for the dog. All day Lesha sat in the aviary and looked at the door, as if feeling that his fate was being decided. We learned that no one came for the dog after a call from the veterinarian.

I called Ulyana dozens of times, but she ignored my calls. I realized that she had forgotten about Lesha,and most likely, she was not initially going to fulfill her promise. I managed to find a friend of Ulyana. By phone, I explained to him what happens to animals for which no one ever comes to the clinic. I wanted to find out the address of the girl and take the dog to her, making her look into the eyes of the animal and admit that she had betrayed him. I have not been able to find the address.

It became clear that the further fate of the dog, which had miraculously escaped, was to be dealt with on its own. We took Lesha to Sasha for overexposure. The guy already has a huge number of wards, but we failed to find the best option in a very short time.

It was not easy for Lesha to join the noisy canine team, weakness after the operation and distrust of people affected.The dog almost did not let anyone near him, but time and care will help to cope with this problem.