The little squirrel Paul, who fell from a pine tree, fought for his life till the end…

We are always amazed by the amazing resilience and thirst for life of little baby squirrels, left without parents by the will of fate. Incredible strength lurks in tiny, exhausted and trembling little bodies. A little warmth, a drop of food, affection — and the baby, who was barely breathing and not moving, turns into a cheerful lively and grateful friend.

Watching this transformation is incredibly interesting! Such a small miracle happened last summer.

A young couple found a dying squirrel walking in the forest. The three other baby squirrels that had fallen from the big pine tree were already dead. Not knowing how to save the baby, the couple brought the baby for nursing to another woman.

Obviously, he was very malnourished and dehydrated, his whole body was covered with fly eggs, the baby was barely breathing, but a warm heating pad, chamomile tea with glucose and cat’s milk substitute helped him to restore strength.

The kid quickly got stronger, became a mischievous and inquisitive toddler — and when he fully recovered, he returned to the house to his saviors.

And this spring, the handsome Paul became the father of four squirrels, creating a family with the squirrel Anny.)

Isn’t it amazing?