This Pit Bull’s smile is able to melt your heart…

Meet Meatball or just Meaty, a cheerful pit bull with incredible charm!

What is special about it? Rather, take a look at his muzzle and you will understand everything: he knows how to smile, and he does it all the time! That’s right: the smile just does not leave this massive muzzle!

Charming and mischievous

A few years ago, this orphaned cute pit bull found a home and a wonderful hostess in the person of Lisa Rilly. This joyful event happened after her pet of the same breed died

“I just looked at the photo of Meaty and realized that he is what you need!” Lisa admits. Seeing his incredibly funny face, she just melted and took him to her house. Well, judge for yourself: with such a smile, a dog is able to win any heart!

Adaptation lasted three weeks, after which he completely settled down in a new house. True, according to the hostess, the pet has a complex character, and he loves to misbehave terribly.

Meatball chases her dogs, chews on her shoes, and stubbornly lays down in the middle of the road if she doesn’t want to continue walking.

At the same time, Lisa was dating a young man named Joe. The girl’s boyfriend immediately took a liking to her pet and took on the responsibility of walking Meaty. What do you think he did? You’ll never guess: Joe not only took the pit bull for a walk, but also carried him home in his arms if he was lazily stretched out on the ground, refusing to move!

And soon the young people decided to get married, and a very important mission was entrusted to the dog!

Just imagine: a smiling dog is holding a box with an engagement ring on his face! Can’t resist, right? And Lisa, of course, said: “Yes!”

Well, we wish this merry fellow to find a reason to smile more often and please his wonderful owners for as long as possible!