After extensive searches for years a woman found the nurse who saved her 38 years ago. The most moving story that you can read…

When Amanda was only three months old, trouble happened to her. At that time, she was sick, she had a fever, her mother smeared the girl with menthol ointment, and when she turned away for a diaper, the girl rolled off the sofa onto the steam heater. The baby instantly received serious burns. She was immediately sent to the burn unit at Albany Medical Center.

In 1977, this photograph was published in the annual report of the Albany Medical Center, which soon became very popular. The picture shows a young nurse, Susan Berger, holding Amanda immediately after the operation.

As Susan recalls, she had just come to work at this burn center. And the baby became almost her first patient.By the way, the girl was then very surprised that the child did not cry at all after the operation, and did not even fall asleep.

The nurse then talked to her all the time holding her in her arms, so they were photographed. It was not a staged photo, then everyone didn’t care how they would look in the picture, because at that time they were fighting for Amanda’s life.

It’s been 38 years. Amanda Scarpinatti says that whenever she felt bad, she looked at this photo. She decided to look for her guardian angel from a distant childhood.

“After that incident, I had to heal the consequences of burns for many years. I have experienced different attitudes towards myself: the children teased me and avoided playing with me, the parents of my friends did not want to invite me to visit, I was too scary for many. And it was very embarrassing. What has always supported me, besides the care of my parents, is this photo full of love. A strange woman holds me in her arms with tenderness, which not everyone is capable of in relation to their child. When it became hard for me, and this happened often, I always looked at our photo and I again had the strength to rejoice.

In fact, Amanda has been looking for Susan for years, and when she threw a cry on social networks, luck smiled at her. Due to the fact that her publication was reposted by hundreds of people, Susan Berger was found literally on the same day.

And two weeks later the women met. It was very sincere and touching for everyone who was nearby, tears welled up.

And two kindred souls stood embracing, as if they never parted.