Blind cat traveled and discovered all over the world…

Despite being blind, the Honey Bee continued to make discoveries and adventures with her humans, whom she accompanied on campaigns around the world. Rescued on a Pacific island, she lived a happy life in the United States with a loving and caring family that included other blind cats.

Honey Bee was still a very tiny kitten when an American couple adopted her. This blind cat was born in Fiji, South Pacific Islands before being taken in by the team at the local Animals Fiji veterinary clinic and then joining those who became her lifelong companion.

Thus, she was able to find her new home far from her native archipelago, in Seattle in the state of Washington (northeast USA). The house, which also houses 4 other cats, including Fig and Lychee, is also blind.

However, Honey Bee never stayed there for long, as her adventurous owners always took her on trips to all four corners of the planet. For example, hiking 🙂

Most often, she sat quietly on their shoulders during their long trips, according to Daily Animal News. She was also not shy about walking on a leash, navigating and overcoming obstacles thanks to her other senses, which she learned to develop to compensate for her vision loss.

Everything was going well for Honey Bее until a terrible disease destroyed everything. Serious kidney disease,which, although her owners and veterinarians did everything possible to save her, only worsened over time.

In the end she got the better of her! The cat went to heaven at the age of 7 and a half years. She was surrounded and loved to the end.