«We’re super animal lovers (and protectors)» — A group of bikers have saved many animals from abusive owners

Tattooed bikers who look really intimidating have saved many animals. They investigated cases of animal abuse, showed up at abusive owners and convinced them to give up their animals.

The men made deals with animal shelters, helped animals rehabilitate and found new families for cats, dogs and horses.

Rescue Ink is a non-profit animal rights organization that grew out of a group of volunteers. The team is made up of bikers, former bodybuilders, powerlifters, ex-soldiers, police detectives and lawyers. The team was at its peak of activity from 2008 to 2014.

“Some people say we’re superheroes. The truth is, we’re super animal lovers (and protectors). Over the years and after many hours of work, obstacles and challenges, we remain strong and dedicated to our mission. »

Rescue Ink cooperated with the police and some public organizations. They have done everything possible within the limits of the law to protect the animals from abuse. Their work depends entirely on donations.

The team received around 1,000 to 3,000 messages and 250 calls a day from different people all over the world.

Over the years of activity they have saved many dogs, cats, horses, chickens, pigs and fish. And once they even rescued a 1.5 meter boa constrictor.

In an interview for the New York Times, the bikers said the animals were all in very different situations: some people sold purebred dogs just because they needed the money for drugs, others organized dog fights and some even tried to poison a group of stray cats.

The team only investigated cases of animal abuse. If they managed to find a criminal, Rescue Ink contacted the police. If an owner did not take good care of his animal, the bikers would build him a kennel or help him in some other way.

One of the Rescue Ink members spent a week and a half carrying a little kitten with him everywhere since he had to feed him every hour. Another biker went to a pond near a sewer in order to save a duck.

Some animals needed to be rehabilitated. For example, some owners had a puppy, but stopped caring for it when it got older. The poor dog was forced to sleep outside until the guys from Rescue Ink convinced the owners to give him away.

Some dogs were exploited for breeding and were sold as very expensive purebred puppies. In this case, people were contacting Rescue Ink after hearing strange sounds or smelling strange smells.

The bikers visited these owners and spoke to them. If the owner didn’t want to accept, they called the police. Most of the time the animals were saved.