George is a very clever dog and helps a lot with home staff…

Fortunately, a funny moment was caught on video, and we can see this amazing moment!

Let’s clarify that a cute dog named George lives in England, and this, perhaps, largely explains his ideal manners.

Umm… Well, maybe not always perfect!)

However, when his owner asked in a jokingly strict tone about who scattered all these toys, and reproachfully looked at the pet, he reacted completely unexpectedly!

The owners of the dog maintain his personal page on Facebook. There you can often see funny photos and videos featuring George. By the way, a rather large number of people — at least 3 thousand subscribers, follows him.

Gibson says: «George is an amazing dog and a real helper who does a lot of chores (other than those in this video)to help his mom who is suffering from excruciating back pain.»