The couple went to adopt one dog but at the end they came back with two brothers.. A heartwarming story…

To find a friend for their dog Pixel, Mélody and Pierre came to adopt Ringo on February 28, 2021. But they finally left with not one but two dogs!

Gone to adopt a dog, they finally returned with… two dogs. This is the beautiful story of Mélody and Pierre. This couple from Cher was first to adopt Ringo on Sunday February 28, 2021 in Brittany, but he finally turned around after a 45-minute drive to also adopt his brother Razmo!

That is really a happy ending for the two small abandoned dogs in a Côtes -d’Armor trash can. Especially since Razmo was diagnosed blind by a veterinarian.

It all started when Mélody and Pierre, residents of Vierzon (Cher), wanted a new playmate for their dog Pixel,adopted 2 years ago through the Breton association Mustaches et Compagnie.

“They stayed in contact with us, very happy with the experience, and wanting to have another dog. They fell in love with Ringo”, rewinds Léa, host family in Theix-Noyalo (Morbihan). After 4 hours on the road, Mélody and Pierre finally arrive to complete the adoption.

We talked about Ringo of course, but also about his brother Razmo. He was diagnosed blind, a congenital cataract without possible operation.

The steps taken, Mélody, Pierre and Ringo take the road back to their home. But, 45 minutes after the adoption, Léa receives a call. “They call us. A thousand questions in our head: have they changed their minds? Ringo did something stupid? “, she recalls.

Touched by the tragic story of Razmo, the couple simply decided to turn back… and also adopt Razmo! The “Moustaches et Compagnie” association agrees to the double adoption.

Despite his handicap, Razmo knew how to make his mark in his new family. ” Everything is fine. […] Razmo got acquainted at home. It’s up to us now to be careful and not move the furniture around so he doesn’t bump into it. It compensates with smell and hearing,” summarizes Mélody.

The cohabitation between the three dogs is also going very well: “Pixel was very happy! They started playing as soon as they got out of the car. »

All in all, in addition to Pixel, Mélody and Pierre made the happiness of not one but two dogs, whose beginning of life was not really rosy. Because the two brothers Razmo and Ringo, who are crossed husky and shepherd, first come from a litter of eight, abandoned in a trash can.

“It was very complicated to find a family to bottle them in an emergency,” says Laura Quiñones, the founder of the association. We had the help of a great group of volunteers from Morbihan: La page d’Internet et ses amis.Céline and Isabelle took over temporarily. Unfortunately two did not survive.

Then it was Léa, the host family of the “Moustaches et Compagnies” association, who took over. Léa “fed, cared for, weaned” and the puppies were “put up for adoption at the age of three months”, continues the founder of the association.Puppies Ringo and Razmo were then the last two unadopted from the litter.

But thanks to Mélody and Pierre, their lives have taken a new turn.And the dog Pixel now has two playmates to share his large garden with.