A «free puppy» sign lead a man to his new pet…

When a man from Tucson, Arizona saw a sign that said “Free Puppy,” he decided to jump at the chance to get a pet for free.

The man had wanted to have a little puppy for a while, and now seemed like the best time to do so. So the man knocked on the door where the sign was posted and got himself a puppy he named Neo.

Right off the bat, Neo seemed a bit different from other dogs. Even as a puppy, Neo was always digging or jumping the fence to play with the neighbors’ dogs.

A man sees a “free puppy” sign and brings one home, learning that it’s more than just a puppy.

And when Neo grew up, his owner found out why his dog was so eager to be with other dogs.

As the owners said, Neo was digging or jumping the fence to play with the neighbors’ dogs.

He built a taller fence to help contain it, but Neo chewed it up and continued to escape. Neo was actually looking for his pack, because believe it or not, Neo isn’t a dog. It’s a wolfdog.

You can imagine, having a half -wolf pet can be dangerous, so Neo’s owner decided it would be best for him to live somewhere where he can be with other wolves.

“I was outside with another staff member,” Maureen O’Nell of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona told The Dodo.

“I saw a couple walking a long-legged dog to the front door. It was not his body composition that stood out to me, but his demeanor. Neo completely avoided human interaction.

The couple walking him seemed, as far as I can describe, puzzled.