They both found each other when they both needed each other… A story of devoted friendship

If you have no friends and no one to support you, of course, you will become very lonely.

The tricolor cat and the little lamb found each other at just such a moment. They both needed each other.

The cat Dora once took shelter in Carla’s family. The new owners did not know where Dora was from or how she found them.

Dora was only 2 months old, but she already attracted everyone with her thin body and pitiful look and, of course, with her weasel. The family decided to adopt a kitten, and Dora gave them joy and love every day!

Carla had a baby girl and Dora took on the role of babysitter. Dora went to the baby’s crib, making sure everything was in order. Soon, Carla’s newest member of the family was…a lamb!

Inseparable friends

Carla’s family adopted a lamb because it could be in danger with older lambs. Kitty Dora fell in love with the baby lamb at first sight!

Friends had their pranks! Dora taught Chalie the lamb how to steal newspapers and mischief,and Charlie taught Dora how to eat HAY!

Charlie was transferred to the barn, as he was already quite an adult. But he was not going to leave his girlfriend. Charlie often came to Dora’s house, who greeted him with great affection.

The most interesting thing is that he knows his name! When the owners call Charlie, he runs like a dog, and then runs up to Dora and kisses her without fail! It’s amazing that Charlie, like Dora, responds to her name! He does not forget to shower his girlfriend Dora with kisses as well)

From now on, there is a surprisingly strong emotional attachment between Dora and Charlie, and, despite her relatives in the barn, Dora remains Charlie’s best friend.

The owner of these amazing animals, Karla, says that she has never seen anything like it before. According to her, Dora will always be her daughter-cat, and Charlie — a lamb — son.