The mailbox as the best greeting place that the dog could found…

It can be very practical to have a mailbox integrated into your porch. For Courtney Poole and her husband Evan, it means they never have to worry about losing their mail, and for their one-year-old dog Rigby, it’s the perfect peephole. It also allows the energetic pup to greet neighbors.

“He’s so sweet and affectionate,” Poole said. “He wants to become the best friend of all the humans and animals he meets. »

Rigby has enjoyed his mailbox since he was little. “When he was a puppy, we had fun passing him around the mailbox,” Poole said. “It’s so cute to open your mailbox and see a puppy lying there. »

Now weighing 20 pounds, Rigby can’t fit in the mailbox anymore, but he’s just the right height to stick his head out the hatch when he wants a glimpse of what’s going on outside.

“There are a lot of people walking their animals on our street, and he was always very excited to see them pass,” Poole said. “He always tried to watch what was happening outside. People often stop on the sidewalk and laugh when they see it. »

Occasionally, Rigby even puts one of his toys in the mailbox and treats himself to express delivery moments later.

Rigby’s appearance in the mailbox can be quite surprising, and greeting the postman doesn’t always go as planned. “Rigby is usually only under the porch when we are there,” Mr Poole said. “So he only surprised the postman once. The latter was understandably suspicious and Evan had to pick up Rigby and backtrack to get our mail delivered. »

Luckily, Rigby and the postman are on good terms now, and the dog can continue to watch the neighborhood from the safety of his mailbox on his front porch.