Sincere melancholy of a cat whose owner left alone…

Usually when we leave the house we miss our favorite cats despite the fact that during our absence they do what they want without remembering us.

However, after watching a few videos on security cameras, those perceptions changed thanks to the cat named Fu Fu. This beautiful cat lives in Xuzhou, China.

He became known on the internet as the “cat left behind” after he was seen crying on camera.

Meng, the cat’s owner, left the animal alone and went to visit his parents. He couldn’t take Fu Fu with him because he was shy, he was afraid that the cat would feel uncomfortable if he brought him to a whole new environment.

Ms. Meng thought she felt perfectly happy at home, as cats usually do, they feel very well alone. But in the end, it turned out that Fu Fu wasn’t so happy about it.

Ms. Meng was embarrassed after leaving her at home once again, and after watching the videos, she noticed the cat’s eyes were watering. And that’s when he saw that the cat’s eyes were filled with tears.

The camera footage was posted on social media and spread widely.

Many people were moved by the cat’s reaction to the owner’s absence, but no one was as impressed as Ms. Meng herself.