Four ultra-rare white lions were born at Safari Park…

This kind of lion are so white because are affected by a genetic mutation leaving it with its stunning white fur.

Their unusual white coat i is similar to albinism but not as extreme. During leucism the animal loses a part of its pigment while its eyes and lips remain the same.

The number of lions are nearly 313, of which 13 lions live in wild, 300 in captivity.

Four of these ultra-rare adorable little balls of fur were all born at the same time an all four are males.

The fourth are perfectly healthy and growing fast.

White lions are separate species. But fortunately, they aren’t considered to be an endangered species, therefore these animals aren’t protected by law.

They threatened with extinction in the future unless trade is closely controlled.”

“The White Lion gene needs to be researched, understood and protected, as a matter of urgency.”