A friendship between a pigeon and a puppy gave them both a chance for a new life…

A small chihuahua has been brought to the Injured Animal Relief Fund, which operates in New York. Lundy, that was the name of the baby, had a spinal cord injury. The puppy could not move, so the breeder decided to simply abandon him,and not waste time and effort on treatment. In the same way, the owner gave Lily, a dog that was blind, and her friend Madison to the shelter.

The workers of the shelter put a pigeon named Herman on the bed next to Lundy. Herman has been living in the shelter for a very long time, but on that day he ended up on the bed of a new chihuahua quite by accident. German could not fly due to a damaged wing, so he had to forget about life in the wild.

Although the pigeon spent most of its life in the shelter, it did not have friends among other animals until the arrival of Lundy. Despite the fact that meeting the dog was pure chance, Herman and Lundy quickly became good friends.

Being an old-timer of the shelter, Herman took care of the puppy. The bird’s attachment to the dog quickly became so strong that the shelter staff began to doubt whether they had correctly identified Herman as a male.

The bird showed a very strong maternal instinct. Herman even tried to sit on top of the puppy and cover it with his wings, just like birds hide their chicks from danger.

Pretty soon best friends will be forced to part ways.Lundy will go to rehab, after which they will try to find a new home and family for him. Herman will stay at the New York orphanage. The founder of the shelter, Sue Rogers, says that in her practice she often encounters cases of friendship between different animals.

Animals that have experienced trauma and are unable to lead a normal life are in great need of support, but more importantly, they are able to give such support to other animals. There are no barriers and prejudices for such a sincere impulse, so interspecies friendship in the shelter is not at all uncommon.