An adorable puppy falls asleep in a very funny way…

Firstst time that Nino saw the sea and the sand. He and my teenage sister, Carol, have an incredible bond. They fell asleep together, it was so cute that I had to film it.

An adorable puppy falls asleep in a funny way.

Nino was exhausted after running along the beach and enjoying the sea, he really enjoyed himself like never before. So, as soon as they were back in the car, the puppy and the woman’s sister fell into a deep sleep.

Kamila says:

Nino came to our house when he was 3 months old. My wife and I had wanted a dog for a while, but were reluctant to take the next step. When we saw it, we immediately fell in love. A day later he came home with us.

Kamila feels lucky to have Nino in her family, she adds:

Nino was sleeping soundly on the way home, but the poses he could be seen in didn’t seem the most comfortable to rest properly, but apparently the little pit bull was so exhausted he didn’t care.

He is such a sweet boy, so pure, he loves hugs and all kinds of food, especially what we eat at that time. Charming to all humans and dogs, people know him by name in our neighborhood but not our names.